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Chủ đề: Điểm Phim
Tác giả: Nga Luong (Angie Walker)

The Vietnam War by Nga Luong



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Lời giới thiệu: Kính chuyển quý vị bài nhận định về cuốn phim The Vietnam War, của tác giả Nga Lương (Angie Walker), một hậu duệ VNCH. Năm 1975, cô chỉ là một học sinh trung học đệ nhất cấp (đệ ngũ), chưa đến tuổi trưởng thành. Thân phụ cô là một sĩ quan VNCH, bị tù cộng sản, và gia đình cô đã được định cư tại Hoa Kỳ trong chương trình ODP (HO). Xin quý vị chuyển đến các cháu hậu duệ, để các cháu hiểu về cuộc chiến VN, một phần đời của người Việt TNCS, của quân nhân quân lực VNCH; một cuộc chiến luôn bị hiểu sai, bị lợi dụng, mà các công dân VNCH là nạn nhân chính.

Trân trọng kính chào.

Nguyễn Quốc Đống


This war movie is really a cheap untruthful propaganda. They (PBS, Lynn and Burns) were clever using “real historical materials” to create a “fake historical documentary war movie” purposely to smear the ARVN and its allies.

The ARVN lost the war because the US congress broke its promise. The communist in north Vietnam did sign a peace treaty but the US congress didn’t hold up its end of the bargain.

The communist knew how to play the game so well, they put the women and children up front to fight against their opponents, there were always a few women in their delegation, appearing in public for political propaganda to gain the tremendous support from people... They made sure no one can’t figure out their deceptive plans and monstrous inhuman purpose (Communist Chinese pretended to be Vietnamese, Russian was in the dark helping the VC), all of Vietnamese in the world have been victimized by the communist’s diabolical ruse, they are extremely crafty to trick ignorant people (particularly all the hippies of the decade of 1960) go along with their devilish plan. These “rotten cunt” like Jane Fonda, John Kerry, burns, Lynn etc... are responsible for our agonizing lost country. These “dirt bags” have no idea how much suffering our Vietnamese people had gone through from the most oppressive communist regime.

There wasn’t any mention the fact:

VC were defeated in 1968 when they snuck into Saigon... (The communist killed thousands of innocent civilians in the massacre at Hue during the Tet offensive)

There was no explanation, (even briefly) why the former Officer Nguyễn Ngoc Loan put the gun against the head of the commie, this commie already had mercilessly killed over 40 innocent civilians 40 minutes before he was arrested.

Both Lynn and Burns cleverly picked “selected materials” for this movie to mislead people.

They knowingly ignored the facts when the war ended in 1975 thousands and thousands of Soldiers of ARVN who had died in the communist concentration camp, from all cause: starvation, sickness, beating, shooting, exhaustion, that number doesn’t include a hundred of thousands of “Vietnamese boat people” (desperately escaped Vietnam by boat from 1975-early 1990) who died at sea from starvation, fatal storms, barbaric pirates. Now, all Vietnamese (regardless from north or south or different political viewpoints) have one thing in common: fighting against the communist, remove this regime and all its members, who “won” the war and took over the country since April 1975)

It took a thousand years to build up the best strong traditional Vietnamese culture, which produced our good Vietnamese. After the fall of Saigon in 75, thousands and thousands Vietnamese attempted to get out their beloved country with all cost because of the unbearable oppression of the corrupt regime ruled by “the winners”. Remember before 1975, even during the war there were hardly any Vietnamese want to live aboard, Vietnamese went to the west for studying and they came back to where they were from.

Needless to say who is the winner? look at Vietnamese society nowadays (under the communist rulership, our best traditional value was destroyed completely within a short period of time), vast majority of children and old people have to work so hard all day long just enough for a bowl of rice to fill their empty stomachs, women sell their bodies to any men, all hight rank comrades and their families earned the living by smuggling, human trafficking, corruption, committing all kind of crimes, for example the husband of the minister of health department “imported fake drug”, selling these counterfeit medicines to cancerous dying patients, making unbelievable huge amount of profit. The communist Vietnamese government are corrupt and cowards, they gave Vietnam to China for free, it’s not easy to find the real decent ones among 90 millions population, specially most of young generation born after 75 (surrounding by unethical communist environments) are very poor up bringing and lack of moral.

With the help of moronic people like Lynn and Burns to make such a garbage movie like this one, they have no respect to our history, adding more unbearable agonies on us, shame on them and so sad for Vietnamese history and our people, the truth will never known. Again the history belonged to the “winners” and it was rewritten by them.

Nga Luong


Bấm vào đây để in ra giấy (Print))


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The Vietnam War by Nga Luong

















































































































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